“In the year since it appeared, Socialite Rank manipulated the city’s gossip cycle, elevated unknown women to unlikely prominence, and gained thousands of readers, who filled the comment boards with catty and frequently venomous remarks. Socialites were glued to the site.”
New York Magazine

“A catty anonymous blog that saw fit to give the city’s leading “socials” quasi-mathematical evaluations.”
The New York Times

“Think SocialiteRank.com as the ultimate online destination for tracking Manhattan’s most promising thoroughbreds. Except instead of betting on ponies, it’s studying odds on Gotham’s hottest, richest little filles. New York’s most glamorous “It-listers” are all clamoring to climb the ranks on this closely watched Web site.”
Page Six Magazine

“The hilariously bitchy anonymous cabal!”
New York Post

“Forget the likes of People magazine. Want to know more about the lives of America’s hip socialites? Skim the too-thin-for-gym photos at SocialiteRank.com.”

“Indeed, in today’s socialite milieu, there are few worse things than to be fingered as the author of the anonymous, dishy, girl-ranking, Web site.”
The New York Observer

“Now there is Socialiterank.com, which glories in their tribal rituals and manners as well as their foibles and plastic surgery, and is on the way to bringing them to a vaster audience than they’ve ever had.”
New York Magazine

“Here, New York’s hottest, richest little filles’ suffer the indignity – or revel in the attention – of being ranked according to their It-ness.”
Evening Standard Magazine

“SocialiteRank.com’s influence is reawakening ancient snobberies and conflicts.”
Observer, UK

“An absorbing read - tongue firmly planted in cheek…”
The Sydney Morning Herald